Moose Creek Grill, Kellogg Idaho 208-783-2625
#12 Emerson Lane
Kellogg, ID 83837

Reservations & Information


Moose Munch

Children's Menu

10 and under please

all meals served with choice of mandarin oranges,

applesauce or child size salad

        Grilled cheese sandwich on yummy white bread
        Linguini and marinara or a parmesan butter sauce
        Kids Pizza with mozzarella cheese (add pepperoni $1)

        Cheese Quesadilla (add chicken $2)  


        Grilled chicken breast with BBQ dipping sauce and choice
         of garden wild rice or garlic mashed potatoes.


Juice / Soda / Milk / Shirley Temple


Moose Munch brownie with vanilla ice cream 


Huckleberry or Vanilla ice cream 



Families Welcome!

Facilities are available for receptions and

large events


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